What is sex therapy? Sex therapy is the treatment of sexual "dysfunctions", such as desire discrepancies, erectile dysfunction, pre-orgasm (haven't achieved orgasm-yet!), pain during sex, sexual aversion, gender identity issues, sexual addiction, porn addiction, intimacy (in)tolerance, support for fertility issues, infidelity etc.

In my opinion most sexual issues are based in anxiety. No one teaches us how to have sex, nor are we encouraged to talk about it. Of course, we are anxious!! Let me provide an environment to explore what you know, what you don't know and what you may or may not want to find out.

Sexual dysfunction often conjures up feelings of guilt, anger, insecurity, frustration, and rejection. Therapy is slow and requires open communication and understanding between the different parts of yourself and/or sexual partners. Therapy may inadvertently address interpersonal communication problems.

The initial sessions should cover a complete history not only of the sexual problem but of the entire relationship and each individual's background and personality. The sexual relationship should be discussed in the context of the entire relationship (system). In fact, sexual counseling may de-emphasize sex until other aspects of the relationship are better understood and communicated.