I offer Women's Sexuality Groups that last approximately 9 weeks and are always a unique and wonderful experience. Groups typically have 6-8 members. I provide psycho-education about half of each 1.5-hour session and use the other half to facilitate discussion among group members.

The Women's Sexuality Group is for you if you are interested in taking action toward creating the sexual life you desire. You do NOT have to be in a sexual relationship to benefit from the group. It all starts with your relationship with yourself!

Women typically benefit from and enjoy the group atmosphere and begin to get much more comfortable and fluent talking about sex. Confidentiality is maintained, emphasized and extremely important to create trust among members.

Benefits of the Group:

  • Define your own vision for your sexual and intimate life
  • Gain greater knowledge about human sexuality, intimacy and become comfortable talking about it
  • Become able to describe who you are and what you want clearly and calmly to yourself and /or partner
  • Take committed action toward living a life that connects your sexuality with your development as a human being
  • Fun, sharing and laughter!
  • Cost for group is $40 per person, per session. Clients are encouraged to pay and to commit to all 9 weeks at the first session. This has proven to be the best motivation for good attendance, i.e. more beneficial for you and the group! Of course, it is OK to miss but you are responsible for paying for missed sessions, however, I offer one free missed week. (I understand that people get ill and things "come up").