My services are available to individuals as well as couples.

When working with individuals, couples and families, my psychotherapy focus is differentiation theory, grounded in Murray Bowen's and Minuchin's family systems therapy. Bowen's theories lie in the balance/imbalance of two forces, togetherness and individuality. Fusion results from togetherness being the stronger force. Unresolved emotional attachment to one's family/partner prevents differentiation.

I work with clients to improve differentiation of self, which is the ability to separate feeling and thinking, while managing anxiety. Undifferentiated people cannot separate feeling and thinking. Their intellects are flooded with feelings so they can't think rationally, and then have trouble separating their own feelings and thoughts from others. This often creates reactivity (anxiety) during conflict and escalates fights and poor communication. I encourage clients to differentiate, supporting them so they can begin to free themselves from their family/partner. In addition, I help them realize their own involvement in problematic relationship systems (as opposed to blaming others), but encourage them to be emotionally related (intimate) with members.

This theory and these techniques can be applied to sexual, relational, and work problems.